Busy Work

I’ve been starting and stopping blog posts for the last month or so and I haven’t been able to finish anything. It’s mainly because I really don’t know what to say and my mind has been fully cluttered. We started two markets in early May and at the same time, lost some critical staff members. […]

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Climbing the Ladder

My parents are regular blue collar folks. I’m not sure what my grandparents did on my dad’s side, but I know they were wealthy and then they weren’t so they spent the second half of their lives just scraping by. My mom’s parents were farmers. My mom was a pharmacist and while my dad never […]

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A Reflection on 2014

So 2014 was a very crazy year and we accomplished more in that single year than we had ever dreamt of doing in the early stages of our business. We opened our second location at 560 Columbus Avenue in February. We were able to build a following in the neighborhood and it’s incredible that we’re […]

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Risky Business

When we first started, we didn’t want a store. It was too risky. We were afraid of all the issues that came with a store like rent costs and equipment breaking down. We were worried about the variables and the unknowns. Things changed for us in 2011 when I went back to school to study […]

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Learning from Others

Simon and I just took a weekend trip out to LA for a friend’s wedding. We carried over 300 macarons with us on the plane to do the wedding favors and we got “ooohs” and “aaahhhs” wherever we went. It was really nice seeing our macarons on the west coast and giving gift boxes to […]

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